About The Author

Basil Anfuso known as Uncle Buzz to his nephews Isaac and Jacob.
I am the son of Giuseppe and Maria Anfuso from Sant’Angelo di Brolo in hillbilly country Sicily.
I have a sister named Sarina and a brother named James, plus I have four beautiful children Riva, Joel, Novak and Paxton.
I was never that good at school no matter how hard I tried, at times it was a struggle for me.
I was told by many I was dumb and would not achieve much in life.
I never thought I’d be capable of writing a book. But God has a sense of humour. So from a series of events and circumstances come the stories of Faithful Horse Helen.
Never underestimate your gifts, talents and what you can achieve in life. With a belief in God, anything is possible.
Enjoy this book and may it bring much hope and joy to all.


I wrote this book to get back to the old fashioned type of hero I grew up with. That is someone wanting to give help to others and not expecting a reward in return. The very opposite to how most people think.

This book is a story about a beautiful strong female horse that no one owned. She was the protector of the region called Joy Mountain and its surrounding forest.

The horse had a beautiful yellow and blue Quiff which would stand upright when someone was in trouble. This was a gift from God and she would know exactly where to go to help the needy.

These were bedtime stories I would tell my children when they were growing up, which had to be slightly changed and new ones written to enable them to go to print in book form.

Special thanks go to my two nephews Isaac and Jacob Anfuso who were the chief instigators for me to put pen to paper because when I used to look after them they would always say, Uncle Buzz please tell us another story of the adventures of Faithful Horse Helen. I then discussed this concept with a friend of the family Monique Wilson who is a writer. She also encouraged me to put pen to paper and also helped with the brainstorming of the book. Thanks to God who gave me the Grace and put the right people around me to write my first book.

Special thanks must go to my four beautiful children Riva, Joel, Novak, and Paxton. Without them, these stories would not have existed. This book is a family heirloom and will be passed down the generations.

The most difficult part of this book was getting an illustrator to do the drawings the way I wanted them. I tried three illustrators. Little did I know my family friend Monique Wilson was the one for the job.

My prayer is that this book will bring much enjoyment to its readers, children, parents and grandparents. May it instil a confidence in all; somewhere there is a hero who will come and rescue them in times of need.

Thank you for reading this book I hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed writing it.



One day whilst babysitting my nephews Jacob and Isaac, the boys surprised me with a very specific request; “Hey, Uncle Buzz, can you tell us a story about a donkey named Abraham?”

After researching donkeys native to my region of Sicily, I had a brainstorming session with illustrator Monique Wilson. We came up with the story of Abraham Donkey; the lazy donkey who found his true purpose in life and reached his full potential for God.

Monique did a great job capturing the look and feel of that era. From the clothing to the architecture to the people; their simple lives and the importance of donkeys for transporting goods.

Through a series of events, Abraham goes from a lazy, self-centered donkey to one who is happy to serve others, bringing much joy to the lives of his owner and the village as a whole.