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Family Book Launch

On the 21st Dec 2015, it was a very special night for me and my family as this was the official family book launch for Faithful Horse Helen.

All those closest to me were there including my mother who is now in full-time care. My first granddaughter Quin was with us with my son Joel and his wife Inge who lives in Amsterdam. A lot of fun was had by all as we celebrated together. For me as a father it was indeed a special night as not in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would write a book about stories I told my children as they were growing up.

Now my children are adults and enjoying the experience with me, how special is that? I also had my two nephews Jacob and Isaac who were instrumental in me writing the book. My brother Jim and Lisa his wife, Sarina my sister and her son Stefan. Max Powers who has a studio where my son Joel recorded the song called Faithful.

Max is a friend of the family and we all thank him for his efforts. Truly was a beautiful night together. Most of all I thank God who believed in me more than I did and was able to bring this book to reality.

Uncle Buzz


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